Apnea Socks

GULL SKIN Carbon Fin Socks are designed
to protect the feet from the edges of the foot
pocket and prevent fin displacement
throughout your freediving session.
Functional socks with a three-dimensional heel that fits your feet and
keeps them warm. Useful for preventing misalignment of carbon fins
as well as adjusting for a loose fit.

Color Variations

GA-5650 Apnea Socks


Size S M L XL
Same color 23.5 ㎝~ 24.5 ㎝~ 26 ㎝~ 27.5 ㎝~


The shape of the heel section has been modified to improve the fit from the heel to the Achilles tendon and ankle.

The fit to the foot makes for a natural feel when wearing, allowing carbon fins to be donned without stress.