Trekker Carry Bag

For taking your diving gear to far of
destinations. Trekker Carry Bag is
highly durable, lightweight, and
offers a large storage capacity, making
it the practical travel bag for your
diving adventures around the globe.
When jettsetting to your favorite diving destination, its important
to carry your gear while minimizing the weight of your baggage.
Trekker Cary Bag is lightweight at 4.9kg, allowing you to transport
your skin and scuba diving gear with minimal effort.

Color Variations

GB-6504 Trekker Carry Bag

Material Polyester : 600D
Outer dimensions : W43 × D42 × H72 cm
Lower bag W43 × D30 × H72 cm
Upper bag W43 × D12 × H72 cm
Weight : 4.9 kg (Lower bag 4.1 kg, upper bag 0.8 kg)
Capacity : 112 L (Lower bag 80 L , upper bag 32 L)


Large capacity : designed to hold all your gear

Pack your wetsuit and heavy gear, even when they are already stowed in a mesh bag.

Storage in lid compartment

Straps keep the contents from slipping. Holds a wetsuit or a dry suit.

Stable rolling

The bag rolls reliably, even when heavily laden with all your gear.

Detachable upper compartment

If the bag exceeds the weight limit, you can adjust the weight and simply separate the upper compartment.