Deck Sole Short Boots

Bearing the special charateristics of Gull rubber fins in mind, we make boots that are specifically designed for our fins promoting more efficient fin work.Deck Sole Short Boots are equipped with exceptionally grippy soles preventing falls and injuries from occuring on boats or any other slippery surfaces. These short height boots can be put on and taken off as easily as slip-on footwear, and can replace regular footwear when on the boat or aa beach
in-between dives. Recommended for diving with GULL open-heel fins.

Color Variations

GA-5649 Deck Sole Short Boots

3mm neoprene
Normal jersey
Our own original stabilizer rubber is used for the boot front. It firmly holds the foot and is designed to prevent lateral movement inside the boot.


Size(cm) 23 24 25 26 27 28

The fin straps has been supporting by Achilles tendon, and then Deck sole boots has made by be tight fitting to feel good holding your foot.
That boot size does just fitting design, if you need just a little loose feeling compare with tight fitting, please choose one more up size than your actual size.
Even if you chose one up size when you use it, it would be hard take off from your foot easier as be tight fitting design around heel.