Whether you most value mobility or heat retention, you will find what you need in our lineup. For scuba diving, skin diving, and other activities, FIR nap jackets also double as inner wear.The already excellent heat-generating and conserving effect of FIR brushed nap is further improved through use of an embossed fabric. Now you can get greater heat retention with this high-function inner garment. Stay warm during scuba diving, skin diving, and other marine sports.

  • Superb heat retention SCS material
    SCS material

    By applying a special coating to the fabric, heat conduction and radiation are prevented, and outstanding heat retention effect is exhibited.

  • Superbly stretchy jersey Inospan jersey
    Inospan jersey

    On the outside, the surface is covered with Inospan jersey, which has superb durability and more than five times the stretchability of normal jersey.

  • Wear resistance is shown Hard Tech Jersey
    Hard Tech Jersey

    Since the knees get the most wear, to provide superior abrasion resistance when boarding or coming ashore, Hard Tech jersey panels are used at the knee.

  • 99% of UV insulation UV CUT UPF50+
    UV CUT UPF50+

    As well has having UV blockage capability (blocks more than 99% of UV radiation),The protection of the influence to a surface is "UPF50+" of the greatest.

Color variations

GW-6510A WarmHeat Rash Pants Long Neo II Men’s

M / L / LL
Water repellent treatment, far infrared nap


Size M L LL
Height (cm) 165~175 175~185 175~185
Chest(cm) 88~96 96~104 104~112
Waist(cm) 76~84 84~94 94~104