A classic J-shaped, large bore technical snorkel designed to push the limits for both skin and scuba divers.

  • Stabilizing Pipe Prevents unpleasant shifting
    Stabilizing Pipe The streamlined tube reduces vibration and discomfort from shifting of the tube.

  • One-Touch Clip Detaches from mask smoothly
    One-Touch Clip Easy to attach and remove the snorkel simply by squeezing both sides of the attaching clip with one hand.

  • Twin Purge Valves Very easy to clear snorkel
    Twin Purge Valves With doubling the purge valves, water clearing is achieved more quickly. The valve’s design diverts water away from the mouth by channeling any remaining water into the purge chambers.

  • Specially Designed Mouthpiece Prevents fatigue and adds comfort
    Specially Designed Mouthpiece To better fit the upper and lower profiles of the teeth, the grips are vertically asymmetrical. Even after long hours of use, there is little to no fatigue. Available in a regular and a smaller size.

  • Smooth Drainage Water drains smoothly inside tube
    Smooth Drainage While corrugations on the outer walls of the tube ensure that the tube is flexible for a comfortable grip, the inner wall’s surface remains smooth to allow for smooth water flow.

Color Variations

GS-3181 Samurai Extreme

Length: 355mm
Weight: 162g
volume: 150cc
Tube bore: 20mm


Movable Mouthpiece

Movable Mouthpiece