When you are in the water scuba diving and skin diving or in the wind and weather, the heat-generating FIR lining helps you retain body heat.The very stretchy soft skin material of Skin Toppers makes them easy to put on and take off. They are great for scuba diving and skin diving and other marine sports: because they keep out the wind, even out of the water, your Skin Topper will get plenty of use.

  • Just fit and comfortable Made-to-order

    By measuring each part of the body, it will be finished in the just fit wet suit. Detachable, warmth and comfortable diving will be realized

  • Keeps you warmer Infrared lining material FIR
    Infrared lining material FIR

    The inner surface is lined with FIR nap. Recycling heat that would otherwise be lost, from escaping body heat, FIR nap generates far-infrared heat and keeps you warmer.

  • Excellent suit entry and exit Long zipper
    Long zipper

    A 20 cm long (4 cm longer than average) fastener at the wrists provides ample sleeve opening. Generous 16 cm zips also ease entry at the ankles. With the provided strap, you can pull the back zip up and down using one hand. This strap has also greatly improved fastener durability.

Color variations

Black × GL Purple
Black × EC Pink × NE Pink
GW-6621 3 mm Skin Topper Ⅲ Women's

MS / M / ML / L
3mm neoprene
Outer, soft skin × Inospan jersey. inner, FIR nap (Far-InfraRed lining)


Size MS M ML L
Height (cm) 153~157 156~160 159~163 162~166
Chest(cm) 78~82 80~84 82~86 84~88
Waist(cm) 59~63 61~65 63~67 65~69
Hips(cm) 86~90 88~92 90~94 92~96
Inseam(cm) 61~63 63~65 65~67 67~69
Sleeve(cm) 65~68 67~70 69~72 71~74
Thigh(cm) 50~52 51~53 52~54 53~55
Neck(cm) 28~30 29~31 31~33 32~34
Weight(kg) 44~48 48~52 52~56 56~60