2mm Skin Topper Ⅲ

The embossed 2mm “Skin” material offers a polished look and feel as well as high-mobility comfort. Just right for all sorts of marine sports activities including snorkeling, skin diving, and scuba diving.The elasticity of the soft “Skin” material facilitates the ease of putting on and taking off the topper. 2mm Skin Topper is lightweight and comfortable, providing outstanding wind-breaking protection while also guarding your skin in and out of water. Recommended for skin and scuba diving in tropical areas. Can also be worn under 3mm wetsuits.

  • Just Fit and Comfortable Made-to-Order

    By measuring each part of the body, it will be finished in the just fit wet suit. Detachable, warmth and comfortable diving will be realized

  • Extended Velcro® Comfort Neck System
    Comfort Neck System

    Extended Velcro® fastener reaches right to the bottom of the throat. If you have a large or a slim neck, you can adjust a comfortably snug fit that properly keeps out water.

  • Keeps You Warmer Infrared Lining Material FIR
    Infrared Lining Material FIR

    The inner surface is lined with FIR nap. Recycling heat that would otherwise be lost, from escaping body heat, FIR nap generates far-infrared heat and keeps you warmer.

  • Excellent Suit Entry and Exit Flexibility Zipper
    Long zipper

    A 20 cm long (4 cm longer than average) fastener at the wrists provides ample sleeve opening. Generous 16 cm zips also ease entry at the ankles. With the provided strap, you can pull the back zip up and down using one hand. This strap has also greatly improved fastener durability.

Color Variations

Black × Surface Black
Surface Black × White
GW-6639 2mm Skin Topper Ⅲ Men's

2mm neoprene
Outer, soft skin × Inospan jersey
With 2 arm patches

Optional Parts
GA-5020 GULL Patche GA-5020  GULL Patche



Size M ML L XL
Height (cm) 160~165 165~170 170~175 175~180
Chest(cm) 87~92 90~95 93~98 96~101
Waist(cm) 70~75 73~78 76~81 79~84
Hips(cm) 83~88 87~92 91~96 95~100
Inseam(cm) 66~68 68~70 70~72 72~74
Sleeve(cm) 70~73 72~75 74~77 76~79
Thigh(cm) 50~53 52~55 54~57 56~59
Neck(cm) 33~35 35~37 37~39 39~41
Weight(kg) 54~59 59~64 64~69 69~76


The 3mm and 2mm Skin Toppers are provided with a removable patch on the left upper arm. Other separately sold arm patches are also available, so you can replace the original with others of your liking.