Brand Concept


Established in 1955, Gull has an extended history in research and development and remains todayʼs leader in the design and manufacturing of high-quality scuba diving equipment. Gull continues to push beyond outdated diving conventions so that you continue to better enjoy your underwater experiences safely, comfortably, and efficiently.

New Worlds Earthʼs astonishment permeates through our vast oceans in many forms; sunlight falling like showers underwater, corals that cradle aquatic life, the countless schools of fish that uniformly swirl around divers as if a single organism. Our planetʼs gift greets us in a dynamic, ever-changing form that can only be captured in that specific place at that particular moment in time.
Our oceans provide am other-worldly space for us to explore on this very planet. Venturing through this unique world requires top-quality, safe, and sophisticated gear. Gull offers a rich selection of equipment, products, and a myriad of designs that help make these precious underwater journeys that much more enjoyable.

Bio-Merge System

To your suit all your needs.

To snorkive safely, you need the best equipment available to you and the correct gear for every type of dive you endeavor to experience. Gull Diving has a long history in research and development & remains today’s leader in the design and manufacturing of high quality equipment. Established in 1955, Gull Diving continues to push forward so that you may enjoy your experiences safely and in style.

As visitors in the oceans, our bodies require protection and adaptation to the environment below. Gull has developed a premium line of body protection equipment we call “Bio-Merge System”. Using high-tech, light weight rubbers developed in our facilities, we’ve created a second skin to protect you from head to toe when going below.