Whether you most value mobility or heat retention, you will find what you need in our lineup. For scuba diving, skin diving, and other activities, FIR nap jackets also double as inner wear. Designed with a zipper to make it supremely easy to get into and out of, this HoodVest gives you warmth and mobility during cold-season use. Worn as an inner or outer layer, it’s great for scuba diving, skin diving, and various other marine sports.

  • Superb heat retention SCS material
    SCS material

    By applying a special coating to the fabric, heat conduction and radiation are prevented, and outstanding heat retention effect is exhibited.

  • Wear resistance is shown Hard Tech Jersey
    Hard Tech Jersey

    Since the knees get the most wear, to provide superior abrasion resistance when boarding or coming ashore, Hard Tech jersey panels are used at the knee.

  • Keeping warm effect WARM HEAT RASH NEO

    Far-infrared material is used for the liner nap. The fabric absorbs heat generated by the body and releases it as far-infrared rays, ensuring effective heat retention. What's more, embossing creates a layer of air that keeps heat from escaping. These features work in concert to achieve even thermal retention.

  • 99% of UV insulation UV CUT UPF50+
    UV CUT UPF50+

    As well has having UV blockage capability (blocks more than 99% of UV radiation),The protection of the influence to a surface is "UPF50+" of the greatest.

Color variations

Black × EC Pink
GW-6628 2 mm × 3 mm FIR HoodVest Ⅲ Women’s

S / M / L


Size S M L
Height(cm) 154~162 154~162 154~162
Bust(cm) 72~80 79~87 86~94