5mm Wetsuit

A series of wetsuits made for any diving occasion. Ranging from heat retention-focused suits to high mobility suits, there is a Gull wetsuit for any preference whether skin or scuba diving. Fasteners offering good stretchability are used at the ankles and wrists in order to achieve both ease of getting into and out of the wetsuit smoothly, as well as improving dynamic mobility. The overall give of the stretch jersey further ensures unrestricted mobility when skin or scuba diving.

  • Just Fit and Comfortable Made-to-Order

    By measuring each part of the body, it will be finished in the just fit wet suit. Detachable, warmth and comfortable diving will be realized

  • Excellent Elasticity Soft Skin
    Soft Skin

    Good at shedding water and keeping the wind out, on land and underwater, this snug material achieves outstanding high heat retention. It is also very stretchy and easy to get into and out of.

Color Variations

Black × Dot Green
GW-6632 5mm Wetsuit Men’s


Height (cm) 160~165 165~170 165~170 170~175 170~175 175~180
Chest(cm) 87~92 90~95 93~98 93~98 96~101 96~101
Waist(cm) 70~75 73~78 76~81 76~81 79~84 79~84
Hips(cm) 83~88 87~92 91~96 91~96 95~100 95~100
Inseam(cm) 66~68 68~70 68~70 70~72 70~72 72~74
Sleeve(cm) 70~73 72~75 72~75 74~77 74~77 76~79
Thigh(cm) 50~53 52~55 54~57 54~57 56~59 56~59
Neck(cm) 33~35 35~37 37~39 37~39 39~41 39~41
Weight(kg) 54~59 59~64 61~66 64~69 67~72 69~76


Comfort neck system

Extended Velcro® fastener reaches right to the bottom of the throat. If you have a large or a slim neck, you can adjust a comfortably snug fit that properly keeps out water.

Excellent Ease of Putting on and Taking Off

To achieve both ease in getting in and out of the suit
smoothly as well as dynamic mobility, fasteners offering good stretchability are used at the wrists and ankles.

FIR(far infrared nap)

The wet suits are lined with FIR (far infrared nap). This material absorbs heat generated by the body and releases far infrared rays. They provide excellent heat retention.

Fabric specification key points

Besides heat retention, the nap minimizes friction with skin and provides superb fit comfort. Has mesh skin outside layer.
② Stretch jersey
Superbly stretchy jersey allows unhindered body motion
③ Neoprene
uperbly strechy and heat retaining materials used in 3-layer core fabric.