GULL Fin Socks

Bearing the special charateristics of Gull rubber fins in mind, we make boots that are specifically designed for our fins promoting more efficient fin work. These grippy fin socks provide comort and a snugger fit when wearing full-foot fins. The split toe allows them to be worn with flip-flops.

Color Variations

(M Black)
R Pink
(S Blue)
GA-5640 Fin Socks

2mm neoprene / normal jersey


Size XS S M L XL
Same color 22.5 ㎝~ 23.5 ㎝~ 24.5 ㎝~ 26 ㎝~ 27.5 ㎝~


On the boot bottom there are non-slip areas, and two water drainage holes.

Lightweight, they fit well on Japanese feet. In addition, the split toe enables flip flops to be worn.