Adjustable Weight Belt

Purposed for comofort and useability, this belt is comprised of four weight pockets and six comfort pads, as well as an easy to use tensioning buckle. The tensioning buckle automatically adjusts
to the changes in westsuit thickneses
resulting from increased pressure underwater.
Meanwhile, the soft pads on the back of the
weight pockets and at the rear of the belt hold
the spine to reduce stress on the back
resulting in increased comofort.

Color Variations

GG-4611 Adjustable Weight Belt

Material:840D+PVC seawater-resistant fabric
Size:total length 125cm(Fits waist size to 105 cm)
Maximum loading capacity:8kg


Tensioning buckle automatically keeps the belt secure

Owing to compression of suit materials by water pressure, when you dive, your belt is likely to loosen and slip and upset your balance. A weight belt with tensioning buckle helps you to maintain your best position.

Reduce the burden and get a comfortable
fit with 4 pockets and 6 soft pads

Four pockets enable you to best position the weights and spreads the burden on the waist. Then, the pads at the center of the belt and at the weight bags, further improves fit and comfort while wearing.