Skin Hot Boots Ⅲ

Bearing the special charateristics of Gull rubber fins in mind, we make boots that are specifically designed for our fins promoting more efficient fin work. These 5mm mesh skin boots are the warmest among GULL’s lineup of Infrared heat-generating (FIR) lined footwear. The absence of a zipper allows for increased water resistance. Wear them to keep your feet warm during cold water dives.

Color Variations

GA-5620A Skin Hot Boots Ⅲ

5mm mesh skin + FIR
(far infrared nap)


Size(cm) 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29


The boots are lined with a FIR (Far InfraRed) nap.

The boots are lined with a FIR (Far InfraRed) nap. Body heat is used by this material to generate warming far infrared rays. This results in excellent heat retention.

Deodorization system
(anti-odor, antibacterial treatment)

Reduces unpleasant smells by inhibiting the growth of bacteria and moulds.Enjoy a comfortable refreshing feel during use.
Note : The antibacterial anti-odor treatment is not permanent.