These ultimate long-blade rubber fins
for expert scuba divers and
skin divers are
the world’s longest.

  • fitting feel&attachment Easiness Boot Pocket
    close Boot Pocket

    In the boot pocket, along sole and high instep minimize lateral slippage of the toe end of the boots. An even better fit is possible if you pair them with Gull GS boots, which were designed for use with these fins.

  • Fin work and efficiency Middle-range blade
    Middle-range blade

    Designed with a blade length shorter than ordinary fins, these also shorten the time for which the rubber material flexes to help accomplish nimble and efficient fin work. Moreover, to achieve maximum performance in these middle-range fins of the sense of pliant grip obtained when using rubber fins, the height of the keel at the rear has been slightly lowered, for a design that yields greater comfort.

  • Greater propulsion Hybrid rubber
    Hybrid rubber

    To enable these fins to powerfully, yet smoothly, deliver tenacious propulsive power, Gull’s innovative production methods integrate different pliant and resilient types of rubber for the foot pocket, blade, and ribs.

Color variations

NTR Taupe
R Pink
NTR Taupe
R Pink
Barracuda (Professional) Limited quantity

With special case

GF-2375[S] / GF-2373[M] / GF-2372[L]
*Rosepink (S, M only)
*NTR Taupe (L, M only)
These high-end fins are made from SuperX a premium material produced by Kinugawa Rubber. To the utmost, enjoy the firm resilience of rubber and feel responsive power on both up and down kicks. This fusion of our expert technologies gives your legs instantaneous propulsion and the springy power to kick through currents.

Barracuda (Standard)Limited quantity

With special case

GF-2395[S] / GF-2393[M] / GF-2392[L]
*Rosepink (only S, M)
*NTR Taupe (L, M only)
While, as with the Barracuda Professional, these high-end fins use premium SuperX rubber, designed for general users, for easier kicking, Standard fins use a more pliant formulation. Even with long blades, you can enjoy smooth finning and freely responsive mobility.



Long blade

To enjoy that famous Barracuda® propulsive force, use the rubber fins with longest blades in the world.

Special rib form

The raised blade ribs eliminate side planing and blade twist, which would otherwise occur with long fins. Fin work is smooth. The ribs maximize rubber rebound to enable you to enjoy confident, powerful propulsion.

Anti-slip grip

As well as the usual central tread, grip extends to the rib section. Wraparound tread gives surer footing on slippery boat decks and rocky shores

Comes with custom carry bag*Domestic market ONLY

Comes with custom carry bag
Size:815 × 245 × 105mm

*Domestic Market Only
*Will fit in Square Mesh Bag


S:1,260g M:1,280g L:1,385g

Blade length
S:480cm M:480cm L:480cm

3 mm Mew boot size
S:23cm M:24cm L:26cm

a    b    c
S:745 × 210 × 85 mm
M:765 × 210 × 87 mm
L:780 × 210 × 95 mm