6.5mm Semidry Wet Suit J x Skin

The first choice of instructors and guides, Rokuhanskin has excellent heat retention and can enable scuba diving through the season to well before, and long after, the summer. With Super Composite Skin on the outside and lined with cross jersey, Rokuhan Semidry has a Ti-Zip across the chest.
It provides superior heat retention, and the front fastener makes it easier to get into and get out of the one-piece suit unaided. This order-made suit enables scuba diving and skin diving from well before, during, and long after the summer.

  • Extended Velcro® Comfort Neck System
    Comfort Neck System

    Extended Velcro® fastener reaches right to the bottom of the throat. If you have a large or a slim neck, you can adjust a comfortably snug fit that properly keeps out water.

  • Keeps You Warmer Infrared Lining Material FIR
    Infrared Lining Material FIR

    The inner surface is lined with FIR nap. Recycling heat that would otherwise be lost, from escaping body heat, FIR nap generates far-infrared heat and keeps you warmer.

  • Excellent Suit Entry and Exit Flexibility Zipper
    Long zipper

    A 20 cm long (4 cm longer than average) fastener at the wrists provides ample sleeve opening. Generous 16 cm zips also ease entry at the ankles. With the provided strap, you can pull the back zip up and down using one hand. This strap has also greatly improved fastener durability.

  • 5 Times or More Growth Inospan Jersey
    Inospan Jersey

    On the outside, the surface is covered with Inospan jersey, which has superb durability and more than five times the stretchability of normal jersey.

  • Excellent Elasticity Soft Skin
    Soft Skin

    Good at shedding water and keeping the wind out, on land and underwater, this snug material achieves outstanding high heat retention. It is also very stretchy and easy to get into and out of.

Color Variations

GW-6044 6.5mm Semidry Wet Suit J x Skin

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Easy wear semidry

The front fastener makes it easy to get into and out of a semidry suit unaided.