Winter Gloves

GULL’s lineup of gloves inludes both
male and female models made from
a wide range of materials to math
your diving needs. Essential for
skin and scuba diving.
Winter Gloves incorporates a 3mm combination of an
infrared (FIR) inner layer, as well as a
neoprene/jersey outer layer for maximum heat
retention. Fastened with a zipper at the
wrist, they are sure to provide extra warmth
when scuba diving in chilly climates,
as well as add ease to getting them on and
taking them off.

Color Variations

GA-5541 Winter Gloves

Material: 3mm operon jersey + FIR (far-infrared nap)
The fastener at the wrist area makes it easy to get the gloves on and off, even for novices unused to thick gloves. These gloves are ideal for use with dry suits.