Delivering refined styling with maximized performance, this is the ideal twin-lens mask for skin and scuba divers.Equipped with UV420 lenses and a skirt uniquely designed for increased comfort. MANTIS LV’s exclusive lens shape, low-volume construction, and optimized inclination angle allow for an extended field of view.




Protecting the eyes from UV rays (up to 400nm), as well as HEV light (400-420nm) that contribute to oxidative stress and deterioration.

Accepts Optical LensesMore
  • Leakless System Difficult to leak

Color Variations

Mirror Amairo Blue
Mirror Kujaku Green
Mirror Kohaku Orange
Mirror Paradiso Red
Mirror Neon Shimmer
Satin Rubber Edo Violet
Satin Rubber Soranezu Gray
Satin Rubber Black
Meta Black Chrome
Meta Midnight Blue
Meta Glass White
Meta Glass White
GM-1267 MANTIS LV Black Silicone
GM-1267 MANTIS LV White Silicone
GM-1245 MANTIS LV Clear Silicone
Super Clear

*Due to the UV coating, the lenses in the photos appear to be pink, but are actually aqua-tinted.



UV420 CUT Lens

The UV420 CUT lens is able to block harmful HEV (high-energy visible light in the 400 to 420 nm spectrum) which causes oxidative stress and deterioration of *lutein in your eye. Lutein is said to act as natural sunglasses. It is present as a pigment in the retina, a crucial part of the eye that receives light and allows you to see. The UV420 lens prevents cumulative macular degeneration by blocking harmful light and has an anti-oxidant effect. Lutein is destroyed when it absorbs harmful light. Its presence in the retina is limited and, because the body cannot make lutein, it can only be replaced by eating lutein-rich food.

Lighting can alter the appearance of a tunnel. Orange light make objects more visible by increasing the contrast of its shadowed edges. White light increases overall visibility by generally illuminating everything brighter. As in the orange-lit tunnel, our previous UV400 Amber lens increases contrast, while the UV420 CUT lens provides a brighter visual such as with white LED light.

Eye Behind an Ordinary Lens

Light tends to cause oxidative stress and lutein (pigment) deterioration.

Eye Behind a UV420 CUT Lens

Protection of lutein reduces oxidative stress, resulting in less pigment deterioration.

Two Types of High-Performance Lenses

UV420 CUT Aqua LensUV420 CUT eye protection blocks out harmful UV and near infrared rays. Cutting out near infrared rays helps preserve the composition of lutein which is crucial for healthy vision. Overall visibility is effectively enhanced by the bluish tint offering a brighter field of vision.
Super Clear LensEnables greater clarity than standard glass. Objects are seen more clearly. By rigorously removing impurities from the glass, light transmittance is maximized. Skirt reflections on the lens are also minimized with a clear silicone mask.
The UV 420 CUT Difference * Photograph imagery

Low Volume

Volume: 110cc Weight: 220g*
Inherits the form of the Mantis, but with reduced mask volume and even wider up‒down and L‒R arcs of vision. Wherever you dive, see across a wider field of view.
*Measured using Gull standard procedures.

Size & Field of View

The inclination angle and shape of the lens work together to extend the downward field of vision. You can see better through the arc down to chest level, which is where most diving tasks are carried out.