Going beyond borders, transcending diving styles, this is the ultimate standard mask for scuba diving and skin diving.

Accepts optical lensesMore
  • WIDE SIGHT IS SECURED Inclination 10 degrees
  • DIFFICULT TO LEAK Leakless system

Color variations

NE Blue
NE Yellow
NE Orange
SMK Yellow
NTR Turquoise
NE Red
BMN Blue
BS Orange
B Black
Super White
MT Silver
GM-1035 MANTIS 5 silicon
GM-1036 MANTIS 5 Black silicon

*Blast finish
The frame surface is treated with abrasives to provide a matte finish.

GM-1036 MANTIS 5 White silicon
GM-1037 MANTIS 5 Black silicon
GM-1002 MANTIS 5 Rubber Mask


Up-down arc of view

Low volume
A Mantis 5 : 177 cc
Inner volume reduced to 12% less than Mantis Achieving lower volume enabled wider field of view
B Mantis : 202 cc
Weight  Mantis 5 : 225g Mantis : 233g

Up-down arc of view

With its extended downward arc of vision, the Mantis 5 provides a proper field of view down to chest level, which is where most diving tasks are carried.

Low volume