5mm MEW Boots Ⅱ

Bearing the special charateristics of Gull rubber fins in mind, we make boots that are specifically designed for our fins promoting more efficient fin work. This 5mm winter model of the mulifunctional MEW Boots offers even better heat retention to keep your feet warm in frigid waters. For divers who wish to use their favorite full- foot fins when the seasons get colder.

Color Variations

GA-5622A 5mm MEW Boots Ⅱ

5mmneoprene /stretch jersey
SCS seal used at the ankle
Because the front foot is stretch jersey, the boot is much easier to get on and off and mobility is radically improved.


Size(cm) 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29


Deodorization system
(anti-odor, antibacterial treatment)

Reduces unpleasant smells by inhibiting the growth of bacteria and moulds. Enjoy a comfortable refreshing feel during use. Note : The antibacterial anti-odor treatment is not permanent.

Water Blocked Ring system(ankle sealing)

With SCS material sealing at the ankle preventing water ingress and extrusion,these boots have excellent thermal performance.

NON SKID GRIP system(tenacious sole)

From heel to toe, the sole has an extensive gripping area. The wavy tread pattern is able to reduce slippage on many types of surface


To increase overall grip, sole wraps up beyond the heel. This prevents fins from slipping off. Grip also stops rubbing and increases comfort.