Achieving the same feel as its full-foot counterpart, SUPER MEW XX is made of an exclusive hybrid formula combining flexible and stiff rubber compounds to optimize comfort and performance. The midsize blade is quick and responsive. Its pronounced ribs and blade tip are crafted to catch high water volumes throughout the kick cycle for, powerful propulsion. Perfect for scuba diving.

  • Flexible Foot Pocket Easy to put on and take off
    Close Flexible Foot Pocket The foot pocket is constructed using a more pliant rubber material allowing for more flexibility. This makes it easier to put on and take off the fin, even for first time users.

  • Rounded Blade Tip Designed to catch water
    Rounded Blade Tip The end of the blade’s convex curvature is designed to firmly catch water from the start to the end of your kick cycle for efficient propulsion.

Color Variations

Havana Pink
Paradiso Red
Coral Orange
Neon Shimmer
Bright Mint
Caribbean Blue
Mid Deep Blue
MN Blue
Supper MEW XX

*Havana Pink (only S, M)
*Bright Mint (only S, M)
*Caribbean Blue (only S, M)


Size Weight
(per pair)
a b c d
S 1,015g 540 × 196 × 90 × 85 mm
M 1,127g 560 × 200 × 100 × 90 mm
L 1,245g 580 × 214 × 105 × 95 mm
XL 1,300g 600 × 214 × 143 × 99 mm

SUPER MEW XX Boots Size Fitting Table

Size GS Boots
Deck Sole Short Boots
Felt Sole Boots Dry Boot by Other Makers
(World Dive /Mobby Dick)
S 23~24.5cm 22~23cm
M 25~26cm 22~24cm 23~25cm
L 26~27cm 25~26cm 25~27cm
XL 28~30cm 27~28cm 26~28cm

※While we have enlisted the cooperation of Japanese suit makers to check and draw up our own list of items (in the leftmost column) that will fit with Super Mew XX, be aware that if boot inners are worn, the sizing will change; fit also depends on the individual form of your feet: for some people the sizes shown may be too large or too small.


Sole Designed for Power

Super Mew XXʼs thicker soles ensure less power loss when transmitting the force of your kick to the tip of the blade, enhancing your kickʼs efficiency.

Easy Fit

Boot pocket made to fit as comfortably as a full foot fin. Its long sole and high instep fit the entirety of the boot minimizing lateral slippage. To be paired with Gull GS Boots for even better comfort.

Newly Designed Blade

While inheriting the width if the Super Mew, these fins are shorter. You get the same easy maneuverability, and even the same feel, as Super Mew. Naturally, the Gull line is made for horizontal movement but, for times when you need to go straight up, these fins are designed to catch the water.

Hybrid Rubber

Gullʼs innovative production methods integrate varying stiffness levels of rubber in the construction of the foot pocket, ribs, and blades of the fin. Each carefully engineered to promote more powerful and smoother propulsion.

Raised Ribs

Raised ribs drastically reduce side planning and blade twisting that regularly occur with longer blade fins. Designed to maximize rubber rebound, raised ribs especially contribute to strong, stable down kicks.

Optimized Blade Tip

The V-shaped tip of the blade allows for water to smoothly flow away from the fin as you kick. This lets the blade rebound more quickly ultimately giving you a more efficient kick without tiring out during your session.

Super Grip

New tread pattern designed to improve grip on slippery and wet surfaces.

Dimple System

Dimples on the underside of the blade help to supress turbulence. Long grooves channel water toward the rear rather than the sides. Thus, further enhancing the efficiency of your kick.