Felt Sole Boots

Bearing the special charateristics of Gull rubber fins in mind, we make boots that are specifically designed for our fins promoting more efficient fin work. Providing superior grip, made with deodorizing antibacterial materials, GS boots are great for all around marine sports activities, especially when skin diving and scuba diving. Available in size increments of 0.5cm.

Color Variations

GA-5619A Felt Sole Boots

3mm Opelon® jersey
With fastener
Felt thickness 12 mm


Size(cm) 22 23 24 25 26 27 28


Felt soles to give you surer grip On rocks, felt gives a better grip. *Felt is prone to slip on FRP (fiber reinforced plastic):do not wear on FRP boat decks.

Sewn on both sides (dotted lines) to prevent rubbing and blisters.