• Long Seller


The rubber compound of these fins is hardened to give more power while also maintaining the standard MEW’s integrity.

They can be worn bare-footed or with MEW boots.

Features & Specs

  • 特徴

    Soft Pocket


  • 特徴

    Rounded Blade Tip


Color Variation

Hard Mew

S: GF-2225B / MS: GF-2224B / M: GF-2223B / L: GF-2222B / XL: GF-2221B

  • Black



◉Boot Sizing Reference Table

Size Barefoot Mew Boots
Short Mew Boots
5mm Mew Boots Skin Hot Boots
XS 22〜23cm - - -
S 23~24cm 22〜23cm - -
MS 24~25cm 23~24cm 22~23cm 22~23cm
M 25~26cm 24~25cm 23~24cm 23~24cm
L 27~28cm 25~26cm 24~25cm 24~25cm
XL 28~29cm 27~28cm 25~26cm 25~26cm
  • *This size table is only a guide; fit also depends on the individual form of your feet. For some people the sizes shown may be too large or too small. To ensure a proper fit, please confirm which size suits you at an actual trial fitting.

◉Fin Size

Size Weight Length
a × b × c × d
XS 690g 515 × 190 × 70 × 275mm
S 705g 520 × 190 × 75 × 275mm
MS 740g 540 × 190 × 78 × 275mm
M 750g 550 × 200 × 81 × 275mm
L 850g 580 × 210 × 84 × 290mm
XL 1,025g 620 × 220 × 87 × 310mm
  • *Black is the standard for measured weight values.Weight can vary slightly depending on color.


Rib Shape

The ribs on the Mew are designed with the down kick in mind. At this time when power is most easily converted to propulsion, Mew Fins firmly catch the water. Providing pleasing response to strong or subtle kicks, they suit a variety of conditions and are loved by both power divers and occasional divers, who have different leg strengths.

Easy Wear Foot Pocket

The foot pocket is formed using a thin and pliant rubber material making the fins easy to put on and take off. Even first-time full-foot users can get into and out of these fins with little effort.

Blade Tip Shaped to Catch the Water

Firmly catches water from the start to the end of every kick cycle right up to the very tip for solid propulsion.