A variant of MEW Fins purposed exclusively for skin diving at shallow depths. The rubber is kept
soft to allow for greater agility and
endurance in the absence of a tank.

  • Snug Boot Pocket Easily attaches with a snug fit
    Close Snug Boot Pocket
  • Smooth Water Flow Blade Tip Allows water to escape smoothly
    Smooth Water Flow Blade Tip The V-shaped tip of the blade allow water to smoothly flow away from the fin as you kick. This allows the blade to rebound more quickly ultimately allowing you to kick more efficiently without tiring out during your session.

  • Raised Ribs Stronger down kicks
    Raised Ribs The raised blade ribs eliminate side planing and blade twist, which would otherwise occur with long fins. Fin work is smooth. The ribs maximize rubber rebound to enable you to enjoy confident, powerful propulsion.

Color Variations

Black × Green
White × Neon Shimmer
White × Coral Orange
Super Soft MEW

GF-2216 [XS]/GF-2215 [S]/GF-2214 [MS]
GF-2213 [M]/GF-2212 [L]/GF-2211 [XL]

*White × Neon Shimmer (Only XS, S, MS, M)
*White × Coral Orangeは (Only XS, S, MS, M)


Size Weight
(per pair)
a b
XS 690g 515 × 275 mm
S 705g 520 × 275 mm
MS 740g 540 × 275 mm
M 750g 550 × 275 mm
L 850g 580 × 290 mm
XL 1,025g 620 × 310 mm

MEW Boots Size Fitting Table

Size Barefoot MEW Boots Short MEW Boots 5mm MEW Boots Skin Hot Boots
XS 22~23cm 22cm 22cm
S 23~24cm 22~23cm 22~23cm
MS 24~25cm 23~24cm 23~24cm 22~23cm 22~23cm
M 25~26cm 24~25cm 24~25cm 23~24cm 23~24cm
L 27~28cm 25~26cm 25~26cm 24~25cm 24~25cm
XL 28~29cm 27~28cm 27~28cm 25~26cm 25~26cm

*This size table is only a guide; fit also depends on the individual form of your feet. For some people the sizes shown may be too large or too small. To ensure a proper fit, please confirm which size suits you at an actual trial fitting.


Hybrid Rubber Delivers Even Greater Propulsion

To enable these fins to powerfully, yet smoothly, deliver tenacious propulsive power, Gull’s innovative production methods integrate different pliant and resilient types of rubber for the foot pocket, blade, and ribs.

King of Rubber Fins

Made from Kinugawa Rubber
Gull rubber fins remain top sellers (in-house market analysis) FY 2020 amongst specialist Japanese domestic manufacturers.