Optimized for weight and balance, these rubber kickers provide strong, dynamic propulsion. Primarily
designed for drysuit diving, they are
on the heavier side and feature
large foot pockets to
accommodate drysuit boots.
Available with spring
straps or adjustable

  • Flexible Foot Pocket Easy to put on and take off
    Close Flexible Foot Pocket The foot pocket is constructed using a more pliant rubber material allowing for more flexibility. This makes it easier to put on and take off the fin, even for first time users.

  • Smooth Water Flow Blade Tip Allows water to escape smoothly
    Smooth Water Flow Blade Tip The V-shaped tip of the blade allow water to smoothly flow away from the fin as you kick. This allows the blade to rebound more quickly ultimately allowing you to kick more efficiently without tiring out during your session.

  • Hybrid Rubber Greater Propulsion
    Hybrid Rubber Gull’s innovative production methods integrate varying stiffness levels of rubber for the foot pocket, ribs, and blades of a fin. Each engineered carefully for powerful and smooth propulsion.

  • Raised Ribs Stronger down kicks
    Raised Ribs The raised blade ribs eliminate side planing and blade twist, which would otherwise occur with long fins. Fin work is smooth. The ribs maximize rubber rebound to enable you to enjoy confident, powerful propulsion.

Color Variations

NE Yellow
R Pink
Mantis Dry Fin

GF-2285[S]/ GF-2283[M]

Mantis Dry Fin (w / Spring Strap)

GF-2285P [S] / GF-2283P [M]
*Rose Pink (only S)
※That spring straps has installed to Mantis Dry fin as follows. Mantis Dry fin S size has spring strap XS size, M size has spring strap S size.


Size Weight
(per pair)
a b c d
S 1,550g 525 × 187 × 115 × 80 mm
M 1,690g 565 × 195 × 115 × 90 mm

MANTIS DRY FIN Boots Size Fitting Table

Size World Dive® Dry Boots Mobby Dick® Dry Boots
S 24~26cm 24~26cm
M 26~28cm 26~28cm

*Be aware that, depending on the boot, sizing may be different to that shown. Fit also depends on the individual form of your feet: for some people the sizes shown may be too large or too small.


Fin Weight Comparison

The greater mass of the thick soles of Dry Fins shifts the center of gravity further down the leg than ankle weights. This makes it easier to keep your trim stable.
*Assuming 500 g ankle weights are worn.

Comparison With Mantis Fin

With a bigger boot pocket they are easier to get on and off. Ankle weights are not needed because the fins themselves have sufficient mass. If you are confident in your leg strength and want fins that provide more dynamic propulsion, these fins are made for you.