A next-generation mask that both novice and expert divers can enjoy with a peace of mind.LANZE is an ultra lightweight, high field of view mask incorporating a newly engineered interlocking frame system that provides an extra level of safety. This system ensures lenses stay intact even if the frame were to take heavy damage during a dive.

UV Care

UV Care glass helps protect the eyes by blocking out harmful UV-A rays.

Accepts Optical LensesMore
  • Inclination 10 degrees Wide Sight Secured
  • Soft Damper Minimized water pooling
  • Drain Skirt Minimized water pooling


Low Volume

Volume: 115cc Weight: 215g*
A low-volume design that further enhances the width of the left, right, up, and down fields of view, ensuring an exceptionally wide field of view even among GULL’s masks. Ideal for skin diving, free diving as well as diving.
*Measured using Gull standard procedures.

Size & Field of View

UV Care Lens

Lenses with UV blocking protect your eyes and delicate skin.Kinder to eyes and delicate skin, this glass cuts UV light. UV care glass cuts out about 45% of harmful UV-A light that, owing to the depletion of the ozone layer, reaches sea level (45% is about twice the blocking power you get with ordinary glass). The lenses give you the same level of protection that ordinary tinted glass usually provides. But, because they are as clear as normal glass, you both protect your eyes and get a bright and clear impression of the underwater world.

Leakless System

Water is most likely to flood the nose and mouth area when gaps open in the seal between mask and skin. This may happen, for example, if the mask rides up on the face, and if leaking occurs at the cheeks when you are adding a mouthpiece or at the corners of the mouth when you grin underwater. Here, to avoid compromising the seal when your facial muscles move, the mask form is optimized to maintain fit and feel.

Interlock system

Unlike conventional inner-ring fitting systems, where the lens is held only by a ring around the inside of the frame, here the frame is pressed down at the central bridge, and the assembly is fixed using a screw. Keeping the lenses in place, this double-safe grip is more secure against emergencies that might occur.