Configured to allow for fine finger mobility while also providing optimal heat retention.

Skin Hot Gloves are lined with an FIR (Far infrared Radiation) fabric inner layer allowing for excellent warmth within its 2mm construction. Suited for scuba diving as well as activities requiring nimble hand movements in colder waters.

Features & Specs

Color Variation

GM-5597B Skin Hot Gloves

Material: 2mm Mesh Skin / FIR (Far Infrared Ray)



Unisex S M L XL
Hand Circumference(cm) 21 23 25 27

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Combining Maneuverability with Thermal Retention

Comfortable Snug Fit

Outer: Mesh Skin Exterior

Mesh Skin provides a slip-free grip that helps with fine camera controls and working with dry suit valves.

  • *The Skin fabric can be damaged by the fingernails when putting or taking off. Please exercise care.
Inner: FIR (Far Infrared Ray) Lining

Lined with FIR fabric for excellent heat retention. Body heat generates warming far infrared rays.