Skin Hot Gloves Ⅱ

GULL’s lineup of gloves inludes
both male and female models
made from a wide range of
materials to math your diving
needs. Essential for skin and
scuba diving.
Designed to provide finger mobility with optimal heat
retention, Skin Hot Gloves are lined with an infrared
inner (FIR) layer allowing for excellent heat
conservation within a 2mm construction.
Best suitable for scuba diving activities requiring
nimble hand movements in colder waters.

Color Variations

GA-5597 Skin Hot Gloves Ⅱ

Material:2㎜mesh skin+FIR(far infrared nap)
Gives you a comfortable fit by minimizing friction with skin while ensuring little play during wear. Has mesh skin outside layer. Slipfree fingertip fit enables confident fine
control for cameras and dry-suit valves


Unisex S M L XL
Hand (cm) 21 23 25 27


The boots are lined with a FIR (Far InfraRed) nap.

The boots are lined with a FIR (Far InfraRed) nap. Body heat is used by this material to generate warming far infrared rays. This results in excellent heat retention.