Super Bullet Mini

A premium snorkel fitted with a smaller mouthpiece. Super Bullet Mini includes all the high-spec features found in the Super Bullet.Its smaller mouthpiece adds comfort for those struggling to clench the standard size. Made for any serious skin or scuba diver.

  • Smooth Drainage Water drains smoothly inside tube
    Smooth Drainage While corrugations on the outer walls of the tube ensure that the tube is flexible for a comfortable grip, the inner wall’s surface remains smooth to allow for smooth water flow.

Color Variations

Light Blue
MIR Havana Pink
MIR Bright Mint
MIR Mid Deep Blue
MIR Neon Shimmer Light
Super White
GS-3179 Super Bullet Mini White Silicone
GS-3179 Super Bullet Mini Black Silicone

Length: 405 mm
Volume: 180 cc
Weight: 184 g
Inside Diameter: 21 φ


Twin Purge Valves

Twin purge valves

Mouthpiece Size